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Hello, curious if this project is cancelled? If so, that would be most unfortunate.

Last update on KS said the 1 person left can try and finish the game in a reduced state by "late spring 2020". So maybe there's still a chance?

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The projet overall quality is great, t'would be a shame :(

Hi, always in development or the project is dead ?

This is great so far! Each love interest has their own quirks (they're all so cute and endearing in their own ways :D), the art is cute and lovely, and the dialogue is on-point! I would love to play a full version of this. Kudos!

I loved this VN...beautiful characters and wonderful story...I am in love with how this is made..I would love to see this get did wonderfull!!!!!

Any NSFW version planned?

Yes in the final version

Can i put this on my youtube channel??

yes :3

Hello, i just played the demo and it was awesome, looking forward to a full game! I found a minor typo. Please see below. Thanks!

Any plans for a Linux version ?


Yes, I just made the demo available for download for Linux. If you need this version please test and let me know if it works alright as I'm not familiar with Linux.

The demo worked great on Solus for me. Backed the Kickstarter.

I finished up my homework then went to check on this site and lo and behold an update! I quite enjoyed this. The new backgrounds were refreshing and I enjoyed seeing the different sides to the characters the most. The old woman is a delightful bitch. Thank you for the content! Here's a few minor errors I spotted:

omg thank you soo much for reporting these. Testing visual novels is a really hard. These should all be fixed now :D

Alright! Thanks for the quick turn around!

Hello! I've played both of the games from this studio (although I did not realize it until 5 minutes ago) and loved both of them. I do not wish to rush or pressure the people working on this visual novel, but is there a projected date of completion? Or at least the next update? I've tried going on your other social medias but I could not find any information. Thank you for what you've given us so far!

Hi thanks so much for playing our games. YES we will be actually re-uploading the demo with some extra content, and then we plan to maybe do a Kickstarter to help expand the game later next month in October . Sorry for the lack of news we will be posting more about it sometime. Thanks for being a fan :3

Well. It's very great demo. 

Characters are great. With their own styles, personalities. And i'm sure it will be great to get closer to each of them :)

I'm waiting for it :)