A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Play as a princess who recently escaped an assassination attempt thanks to a charm your mother placed on your best friend. However the charm caused you to swap bodies and now you must hide as a servant. How will you reclaim the throne,who will believe you? Perhaps one of three mystics, loyal to the royal family can  help you take control of your kingdom. That is... if you don't get distracted by romance.

Luscious Spirit Studios
We're a new studio that makes yuri (girl love) games, comics and fiction.
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Install instructions

Unzip files and open
"Mystics of Sapphia Demo" Application.


Mystics_Of_Sapphia_Demo-1.0-win.zip 143 MB
Mystics_Of_Sapphia_Demo-1.0-mac.zip 142 MB


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Well. It's very great demo. 

Characters are great. With their own styles, personalities. And i'm sure it will be great to get closer to each of them :)

I'm waiting for it :)

Beautiful writing and art and nice music selection so far!