First Patch - 1/30/17 - Fixed Gallery Image That Can't Be Unlocked

One of the images in the gallery looks like you can't unlock it but it's one of the censored images and you have to get both the censored and uncensored one to unlock. Also fixed a typo.

Files 131 MB
Jan 30, 2018 116 MB
Jan 30, 2018

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I still saw a the patch not automatically in the download for the game? How do I get it?

I pretty much deleted and re uploaded the game files on the main page with the fixes. (I don't know how to have a properly patch something that is already downloaded) What typo did you find I don't remember a typo being reported? 

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"I grab the can of Mountain Dew and through it at Lydia."

Based on the other two options, I thought that it should be "throw it at Lydia" or "threw it at Lydia".

Oh, and "Do you walk to the fort?"  Is it supposed to be "Do you want to walk to the fort?"

As I downloaded the game on Feb 3, I assumed that I have the fixed version then. Thanks. ^_^